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Wondering whether Facebook ads would be good for your specific marketing campaign? Can you target them to a specific audience? What about the budget? If you are wondering whether Facebook ads could help you recruit students or stay connected with alumni or achieve any other marketing objective, then read this short post.

Facebook ads are VERY simple to set up. You just need a credit card. And, of course, a graphic that will capture attention, captivating copy to hook the viewer and motivate them to click, a strategy for how FB ads fit with the rest of the campaign.

You can target based on a number of factors … areas of interest indicated on their Facebook profile (subjects of pages they “like”), geographic region, age, education level (if indicated in Facebook), gender, combinations of these, etc.

You can target specific messages to different segments of the target. For example, if you want one type of graphic/wordage to be seen by males and something else by females you can do this. Up-to-date metrics will help us monitor how well a particular message is doing. We’ll be able to see numbers of impressions, click-throughs, etc. And we could update or change the message(s) mid-campaign, at any time.

This is also useful for testing messages to see which works better for our particular target (some marketers will test a couple ideas in Facebook before they run print ads and billboards and campaigns). This allows us to see which graphic or copy resonates better with a sample.

You can set whatever budget limit and whatever time-frame you want for any particular campaign. The ads will stop showing as soon as that’s reached. We can get an idea beforehand (while we’re setting up the ad) how large your audience will be based on your targeting factors and what the estimated cost might be if the campaign were to run its own course without any budget limit.

You can set it up to pay per view or pay per click. (Click is more expensive, but more effective … especially if you are trying to drive the audience to a Facebook page that they can “like” or to a web page where they can submit some data to get more info.)

Again, there needs to be a strategy as to what you want them to do… where are you driving them… and to take what action? This might be to one of our Facebook pages where we can make a connection, keep them engaged, and periodically push out info that moves them through the recruitment funnel. Or we might send them to a specific webpage… designed to collect data (i.e. name & email address & program of interest), with nice graphics that look like the rest of the campaign materials. This would be useful if someone can follow through with emails geared toward these particular prospects. Or we might be able to create a special app for the Facebook page that could collect this type of data.

How could Facebook ads work for YOUR program?

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