Enable xCal in Calendar Feeds

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Enable xCal in Calendar Feeds

Just a quick FYI about 25Live and the outgoing calendar feeds (RSS, Atom, iCal):

The Digital Signage team is working on incorporating feeds from R25/25Live into digital signage across campus. They are using some extended XML elements and need the xCal data included in our feeds.

I’ve gone through all the published calendar feeds in 25Live and enabled the xCal option in the RSS and Atom Feeds section. When you publish any new calendar feeds going forward, please be sure the xCal option is enabled in both places. To do this, while the specific calendar is selected in Publisher, go to Publish tab, click on Feeds tab, Edit Settings and Styles (for both RSS and Atom), and be sure Yes is selected beside Include xCal Data, then hit the OK button.

This will be helpful not only for the digital signage across campus, but also for 3-party folks who are utilizing our calendar feeds in other places (i.e. Jackson County Chamber web calendar, The Sylva Herald web calendar, mobile apps that are pulling in our events, event feeds to Facebook, and whatever else will be created next).

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