Millennial use of social media in decision-making

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Millennial use of social media in decision-making

This article, posted in AdAgeBLOGS, focuses on retail shopping habits of millennials (consumers ages 16-34) but contains some info that might be helpful to those of us marketing to current and prospective college students (recruitment and event marketing).

Research indicates that millenials “need help from friends and family in making just about any decision, including which restaurant to eat at. They’ll use technology (social and mobile) to gather opinions. Sixty-eight percent won’t make a major decision without running it by their network first.”

  • All generations are using Facebook these days, but millennials tend to have more friends
  • Millennials, who are often characterized as having flexible loyalties at best, love them some reward and loyalty programs.
  • Millennials prefer brands with a well-developed social- and mobile-media presence

Obviously, Facebook and other social media and mobile tools resonate with this target market segment. But just throwing up a Facebook page is not good enough. Are we providing millennials with content (videos, links, photos) they can share with all the people in their individual networks? Do you see where reward and/or loyalty tools (place checkins/deals) could be a good fit with your program marketing goals? How do your social media channels influence your image in the minds of these students/prospective students? The answers could heavily influence the outcomes of your marketing activities.

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